The Class of 2009

Colonel Gregory John Argyros, MD

Class of 1979

He has been recognized in the military and medical fields for his work in the areas of bronchoprovocation, testing in asthma, medical effects of blast overpressure exposure, and medical education. With 22 years service in the US Army, he has held numerous positions.

Patricia Ann Barthalow Koch, Ph.D.

Class of 1968

Internationally known Penn State professor of bio-behavioral health, she has specialized in women’s health and sexual issues, particularly HIV-Aids prevention. Author of countless articles and books, she also is visiting professor, University of Sydney.

Colonel James C. Lord

Class of 1983

In his 24-year Army career, he has served throughout the world. Most recently he is Chief, Networks Division, of Army National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington, Virginia. James earned a bronze star while serving in Desert Shield, under Gen. LTG Fred Franks.

Andrew M. Tometsko, Ph.D.

Class of 1956

Dr. Tometsko left a legacy in the health field at Litron Laboratories, a biotechnical firm, founded by he and his wife, Carol. They were able to meld the power of science, strategy of business, and the importance of human relations. Litron continues to flourish.