The Class of 2010

Jackie Dempsey

Class of 1984

Co-founder and artistic director of the Squonk Opera, she is a talented musician who plays piano, keyboard and accordion and also composes. The group’s multi-media performances are known throughout the world.

Richard T. Evanchec

Class of 1998

He has made an impression in Washington, DC, having worked with the three branches of government, most notably with the FBI, side-by-side with residents and contributed to the conviction of Saddam Hussein.

Ruth O’Block Grant

Class of 1949

She has proven herself outstanding in business while working with her late husband, Louis A. Grant, Sr. at six locations worldwide, specializing in the manufacture of machinery for the metal industry, now employing 500.

Rena Lynn Koteski

Class of 1961

Focusing her adult life on working to ensure children and parents throughout the borough and state had an advocate and a committed voice, Rena Lynn tirelessly sought to make a difference in education via state and local PTA and Plum School Board.