Plum High School

Distinguished Alumni


The Distinguished Alumni Banquet for the Class of 2020 has been postponed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. There will be no Distinguished Alumni Class of 2021, but we are still accepting nominations for future classes.

About Us

In January of 2006 Bob Ford, retired Plum Borough teacher, decided that the distinguished alumni of Plum High School should be recognized. After much research and many meetings with District and community representatives, the Plum High School Distinguished Alumni Committee was established in March of that year with the stated objective: To establish a program that recognizes Plum High School alumni who have distinguished themselves in various fields of excellence or have made a major contribution to society. Those selected as Distinguished Alumni are inducted at a springtime banquet and invited to speak at the National Honor Society induction ceremony the following day. Their achievements are recognized on the Wall of Distinction at the Senior High School. Members of the Distinguished Alumni continue to give back to their alma mater through classroom visits and digital video interviews available to current students.

The Plum High School Distinguished Alumni Committee

Margaret Conry Evans, President | Ilona Beatty, Vice President

Loretta White, Secretary | Penelope Antolovich, Treasurer

Rachel Begg | Richard Berrott, Ad Hoc | Patrick Derry

Renee DeMichiei Farrow | Linda Dougherty | Lynn Forbeck | Robert Ford

Mary Beth Ford, Ad Hoc | Michele Gallagher | Michael Gauntner, Ad Hoc

Joy Porter-Drum | Terry Stepnick | Adam Szarmach, Ad Hoc | Richard Williams